When to Consider Hormone Pellet Therapy

You have always been healthy. You’re in great shape. You watch the calories. You steer clear of negative habits. Exercise is your friend. Your lifestyle has helped you to feel great for a long time. You never thought your hormones would send you for a tailspin. You didn’t change any part of your routine. Something inside of you changed. You are always tired. You don’t sleep well. You have no energy to take care of daily tasks that used to be a breeze. Your workouts have been cut down because you don’t have the stamina to finish. You no longer feel like being intimate in the bedroom. Your moods change without warning. You’re struggling with weight gain as well. You just want to curl up in a corner. What you need to do is find a solution. Hormone pellet therapy could be the answer.

When is Hormone Pellet Therapy Recommended?

Hormone pellet therapy is one form of hormone replacement therapy that is advised when your reproductive hormones have dropped significantly. It’s a common problem for men and women as they reach their forties and fifties. Your reproductive system is going to slow down at this point in life. It’s something that is supposed to happen. For people that experience a gradual shift in hormone levels, it isn’t usually noticeable. However, it’s a different story for anyone who has an extreme drop in estrogen, progesterone, or testosterone. It can make your body feel like it isn’t your own anymore. Worst of all, you may fear that you have a serious condition. Getting your hormones back on track could be the only change you need to make. Our team can help you to figure out if hormone pellet therapy can work for you.

How Does Hormone Pellet Therapy Work?

Unlike other types of hormone replacement therapy that require daily or weekly doses, hormone pellet therapy lasts for months. Pellets are inserted under the surface of your skin to allow the hormones to be released in your body over time. You’ll begin to notice an improvement in the weeks that follow.

Ask an Expert if Hormone Pellet Therapy Will Work for You

If you wonder if hormone pellet therapy can help you, make an appointment at Male Medical Group in San Antonio. Discuss what is going on with your body. We will need to perform a physical evaluation, ask important questions about your health history, and note all of your symptoms. Blood samples will be able to show if your hormone levels have dropped. If your hormones are the problem, hormone pellet therapy could be the solution you need. Contact us today to book your appointment and get started.

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