Non-Invasive Lip Enhancement for Naturally Fuller Lips without Injections Achieve fuller, smoother lips Encourages collagen remodeling Promotes new collagen production No needles, no recovery time


The Fotona SMOOTH® modality using Er:YAG laser delivers visible results that patients can immediately appreciate. Unlike injectable fillers, the LipLase® treatment is non-invasive and relies on the natural development of the patient’s own collagen in the lips. With multiple precise passes, the desired characteristics of ‘ideal lips’—such as enhanced fullness, increased volume, and proportional balance between the upper and lower lips, along with a sharply defined vermilion border—can be achieved.

For more profound collagen stimulation, the Nd:YAG laser in PIANO mode is employed. This mode is the most secure for targeting deeper skin tissues while minimizing thermal effects on the skin surface.

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