What To Expect At Your First Laser Hair Removal

Are you considering getting hair removal done? Maybe you are sick of hairy sweaty stains on the back of your shirt? Maybe your girlfriend is practically coughing up hairballs when she lays her head on your chest? Perhaps you are getting started in professional bodybuilding? Whatever the reason more men are deciding to try hair removal services. There are a few things you should know before your first laser hair removal procedure.

Tips for your first visit laser hair removal:

Before Treatment

Avoid sun and tanning

Sun exposure and tanning can increase the risk of side effects such as skin lightening. We recommend avoiding tanning or extensive exposure to the sun 4-6 weeks before your treatment.

Don’t pluck or wax

It is okay to shave and your laser hair removal technician may shave any excess hair from the target area. However plucking or waxing can disturb the hair follicle.

Shower beforehand

Make sure you clean the area your are getting lasered. After cleaning the area be sure to avoid using any chemicals, lotions or creams before the treatment.

During The Treatment

Protect Your Eyes

Because the procedure is performed with laser technology, you will need to make sure you protect your eyes. The technician will provide you with protective eyewear, be sure to keep it on until told otherwise.

Be Vocal

If you have any worries or questions, don’t be afraid to speak up. Your technician will walk you through the process. If you need more clarity or feel like you are experiencing an extreme sensation during the procedure, say something.

After Laser Hair Removal

Wear loose fitting clothing

After the treatment, your skin might feel sensitive making tight fitting or rough fabrics irritating to the skin. Wear soft and loose clothing to the procedure. Depending on how your skin reacts to the treatment, you may consider wearing comfortable, loose clothing for a few days afterward.

Disclose Your Routine

You may be advised to avoid using certain products after your session. If you have any questions about lotions, soaps or cosmetics, ask your technician. Some ingredients such as peroxide, salicylic acid or others may irritate skin after laser hair removal.

Come Back

To see the best results we recommend having at least six sessions. You can often get a reduced rate on your session by purchasing them in a package.

If you are looking to remove back, chest, stomach, underarm, upper/lower arm hair or leg hair removal we can help. Contact Male Medical Group today!

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