What Makes Pellet Therapy for Men so Effective?

Pellet Therapy for Hormonal Imbalances

Hormonal imbalances bring on ill effects physically and emotionally. With men, the imbalance usually manifests as lower levels of testosterone. The good news is there are several approaches to hormone replacement therapy that will reverse the effects and help the patient feel normal again. One of those options is pellet therapy for men. Here are a few things you should know about this type of treatment and why it’s so effective.

Understanding the Basics

Pellet therapy for men is considered a sustainable approach to delivering hormones to the body. The goal is to restore a proper balance and eliminate the problem. With this type of delivery method, the patient has a pellet inserted under the skin. The process takes seconds and does not have to be repeated for a few months. In the interim, our professionals the patient’s hormone levels to ensure the treatment is taking effect.

The Frequency of the Treatment

One of the great things about pellet therapy for men is that it does not require daily injections or taking pills or capsules. While the frequency will vary based on the patient’s situation, inserting a pellet every few months may be all it takes to deliver a consistent dose that increases testosterone levels in males.

The Reason Why It Works so Well

What is it that makes pellet therapy for men such a good choice? The fact that the pellet dissolves and is absorbed directly into the tissue has a lot to do with it. Unlike oral administrations, there’s no need for anything to pass through the digestive tract. The release into the system is incremental so there is less opportunity to overdo it, something that can happen with injections. For a man who is undergoing severe side effects from low testosterone, the speed of this type of treatment provides a lot of relief.

The Primary Benefits That Men Enjoy from Pellet Therapy

How does pellet therapy for men make things better? Depression and anxiety related to low testosterone begins to fade. Anger and irritability goes away, replaced by a more even mood. Sleep is better and interest in intimacy begins to return. The patient also finds that being able to perform during intimacy also returns. This treatment also restores mental clarity and makes it possible to enjoy more results from working out.

Is pellet therapy for men right for you? After the tests at Male Medical Group confirm that you are suffering from low T, talk with our doctor in San Antonio about this type of therapy. It may be exactly what you need. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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