Trim Down on Fat with Weight Loss for Men

It’s common knowledge that men have an easier time losing weight than women do, but men have their own kinds of struggles to deal with. While males do tend to lose body fat faster than females, it can be a challenge for them to keep it off. If you’re a man who’s attempting weight loss, there are fat reducing and muscle building treatments that can help.

Lose Fat, Build Muscle

If you have started dieting and exercising already, you’re off to a great start. If you haven’t started yet, our team of weight loss specialists can instruct you on how to start the process by changing your diet. You will benefit from our personalized weight loss approach, which focuses on your specific nutritional needs to support your weight loss efforts. Monitoring your caloric intake will be critical to your success.

You must burn enough of these calories during the day while taking in key nutrients that will support your health and provide you with energy for exercise. The more muscle you build, the more calories you will burn. The nature of muscle itself is to burn readily available energy, so ingesting the right kinds of energy-providing foods is critical. After you’ve lost a significant amount of body fat and gained some muscle, you might need to shape your figure with one of our non-invasive body contouring procedures.

Zerona for Fat Reduction

You might find yourself with pockets of fat that are hard to get rid of, no matter how hard you exercise or restrict your eating habits. This is very common, that’s why there are various procedures using innovative technology to destroy those stubborn pockets of fat. One of these is a non-invasive fat reduction treatment called Zerona. This is a procedure in which fat cells are literally destroyed with the controlled application of a cold laser. Fat deposits on your sides and thighs can be greatly reduced with Zerona. This will help contour your body and make muscles you have been developing more obvious to yourself and others.

Medical Weight Loss

There are wide varieties of nutritional supplements that you can add to your daily regimen to support your weight loss efforts and overall health. The personalized plans offered can be tailored to your specific needs. We can introduce you to the Keto diet, hCG diet, and many others. A full medical evaluation of abnormal weight gain is included as part of any program you choose.

If you feel weight loss medications will benefit you, our knowledge on the safe use of obesity medications will have you in safe hands. With the right direction, you can lose weight and shape your body without risking your health and general well-being. For more information on weight loss programs and procedures, please reach out to us at Male Medical Group in San Antonio. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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