Telltale Signs of Erectile Dysfunction

ED: More Common Than You Think

Erectile dysfunction is more common than many people realize. That’s partly because many men with the condition are unwilling to discuss it with their doctors. One of the ways to know that it’s time to have that talk is being aware of the more common signs of erectile dysfunction. In many cases, the patient will find that the underlying cause is simple and treating the condition will be a lot easier than expected.

Lack of Interest in Intimacy

When you have normally enjoyed intimacy in the past and begin to not feel the need for it, something has changed. It could be stress at work or some other emotional factor. It could be a medication you are taking or an undiagnosed medical condition that needs attention. By seeing your lack of desire for intimacy as one of the typical signs of erectile dysfunction, you may be motivated to find out what’s happening. Along with regaining that sense of desire, you may also get help with a health issue that could cause more complications later on.

Trouble Achieving an Erection

The desire is there, but nothing seems to stimulate you into action. This is one of the more common signs of erectile dysfunction that will cause a sense of failure and shame. It may also be the primary reason that men finally put their shame aside and confide in a medical professional. Even if the problem only occurs from time to time, seeking treatment is often the most pragmatic move. Without finding out what’s causing problems with getting an erection, you can only expect the issue to worsen over time.

Trouble Maintaining an Erection

Many men assume that if they get an erection everything is fine. What if you are capable of gaining an erection but it goes away before you can complete intercourse? That’s another one of the signs of erectile dysfunction that you should recognize. Just as there are physical and emotional factors associated with getting an erection, there are the same issues related to keeping one long enough to fully enjoy intimacy. A complete physical along with some tests will often reveal the reason for the issue and lead to a solution.

Difficulty With Ejaculation

Perhaps getting and keeping an erection is not an issue. What has become a problem is an inability to ejaculate. This can leave both partners frustrated and wondering what’s happening. The only way to resolve the problem is to seek medical support. While considered one of the less common signs of erectile dysfunction, this type of activity is not healthy and needs to be corrected.

Are you experiencing any of these signs of erectile dysfunction? Put any personal concerns aside and talk with us about what’s happening. Together, we can determine if there’s a medical condition that needs treatment, an adjustment in medication that needs to take place, or if counseling would be helpful. In the best-case scenario, the solution will be a simple one that has you back on track in a short amount of time. For more information, feel free to make an appointment with Male Medical Group. At our office in San Antonio, our caring and dedicates team of professionals will be pleased to answer your questions. Contact us today to set up your consultation!

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