Signs You Could Benefit from Acoustic Wave Therapy

Thanks to the many advancements we have seen in medicine and science in recent years, quality of life has been greatly improved. Men who are struggling with issues in the bedroom have new, highly effective options to enhance their performance. One of the most exciting is known as Acoustic Wave Therapy. It uses acoustic pulses to break up any plaque that has formed in the penis, allowing for better blood flow. Better blood flow translates into easier, harder, and longer-lasting erections. 

Who Can Benefit from Acoustic Wave Therapy?

This type of treatment can help a wide variety of men, including those who are dealing with:

Erectile Dysfunction

Acoustic Wave Therapy is highly effective for treating ED because it fights the root of the issue, which is typically poor blood flow to the penis. Since you do not have to take a pill prior to intimacy with this treatment, it allows for greater spontaneity and less stress in the bedroom. As a bonus, if you are a man who cannot take prescription medications to treat ED due to high blood pressure or other medical concerns, you can likely have Acoustic Wave Therapy treatments. 

Peyronie’s Disease

This condition involves excess plaque being formed in the soft tissue of the penis. When this happens, a painful curving of the penis when erect can occur. Not only does the curve hurt, but it also reduces the overall size of the erect penis. Since Acoustic Wave Therapy is designed to break up plaque, it is easy to see how it is an effective treatment for Peyronie’s disease. 

Desire to Boost Bedroom Performance

You do not have to have an official diagnosis in order to be considered a candidate for this treatment. Many men have this treatment to boost their self-confidence in the bedroom. Others have it done as a preventative measure as they get older and their likelihood of ED becomes higher. 

What Results Can Be Expected with Acoustic Wave Therapy?

In order to reach your optimal results, you will require a series of treatments. How many sessions that are in this series depends on your individual situation. Between six and twelve treatments is the norm. Once you have completed your treatments, you can expect the results to last from two to three years. Maintenance treatments are recommended in order to keep your improvements going. 

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