How Men are Losing Weight with the Zerona Laser

The Zerona Laser

Men often struggle with weight gain as they get older, most commonly affecting the abdomen and sometimes other areas. Diet and exercise can help, but most men find that any weight that is lost is often just regained later, sometimes along with additional weight. Surgical methods such as liposuction can have long recovery times. however, the Zerona laser is a non-surgical method that can eliminate unwanted fat.

Cold Laser Technology

The Zerona laser is sometimes referred to as a cold laser, but it doesn’t freeze tissue; it is called a cold laser because unlike regular lasers, it doesn’t heat tissue up. It harmlessly penetrates the skin and specifically targets fat cells, not any other tissues, causing the fat cells to rupture and release their contents. The body then gradually removes the released fat and the cellular debris and eliminates it.

The Zerona Laser Treatment

The treatment is designed to be simple and easy. The patient just relaxes while the practitioner goes to work. Multiple procedures may be applied for the best results. The results are not apparent immediately because the body needs some time to remove the destroyed fat cells. This helps them to look natural.

Is It Permanent?

The fat removed during the treatment is permanently removed, but it is possible to regain weight after the treatment unless a sensible diet and exercise plan is followed. We can provide advice about how to maintain the fat loss before beginning the Zerona treatment.

It is also possible to undergo additional Zerona treatments at Male Medical Group in San Antonio as needed in order to remove any fat that is regained. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and get started!

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