Getting Started with ED Treatment

ED Treatment: What to Expect

After a series of tests and analysis of your medical history, the doctor will prescribe the best treatment option among the many available. The ED treatment will help in addressing the problem leading to erectile dysfunction. The doctor will also assess how severe the ED is as well as any underlying medical problem.

When you visit our health care center, the doctor will explain all the possible treatment options for your health condition and erectile dysfunction. He will explain clearly the benefits you should expect and the possible risks that come with each option. While your desires will be the priority, the doctor will also consider the preference of your sexual partner having discussed with you.


The first choice is oral medications which have been effective in addressing erectile dysfunction. Some of the common oral drugs you can use for ED include Viagra, Adcirca, Cialis, Levitra, Staxyn, and Stendra.

These drugs are formulated to mimic the nitric oxide effect by relaxing the penis muscles so as to enhance blood flow. Your body releases nitric oxide naturally to aid in erection. The drugs, therefore, mimic this sexual stimulation process.

Just taking the above drugs will not miraculously cause an erection. You need to be sexually stimulated so that the penile nerves are triggered to produce nitric oxide. You can’t use these medications to get yourself excited or as aphrodisiacs. They are simply for applying your sexual signal, so men who experience an erection normally should not use them.

If you have had a surgical procedure on your prostate, have diabetes or any cardiovascular disease, you should notify your doctor since you are not a candidate for ED treatment.

You could also opt for the Trimix self-injection where you inject medicine on your penis to help with erectile dysfunction.

We also offer Acoustic Wave Therapy, which is a revolutionary ED treatment. It is non-invasive and non-surgical. Acoustic Wave Therapy utilizes sound waves to remove plaque build-up within the penis. This plaque stops the blood from flowing properly, which causes erectile dysfunction. This ED treatment often offers better results than medication or injections.

Acoustic Wave Therapy increases sensitivity and sexual stamina in addition to improving erections. That makes it a great ED treatment as well as a great option for men who are not suffering from ED.

To learn more about the exceptional erectile dysfunction treatment options offered at Male Medical Group, feel free to visit us in San Antonio. We are here to help transform your sexual life! Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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